1. Optimum 400 Slow Juicer


Cold press juicers like this tall-standing model run more slowly than their centrifugal counterparts and, in so doing, extract more juice and quite a few more nutrients and enzymes. The Optimum 400 uses a slow masticating technique to extract every last drop of juice, leaving much drier pulp in the process. Sure it comes with a lot of parts to assemble – which all need cleaning – but the proof is in the results and, in this instance, the Optimum shone through with a smooth, deliciously sweet apple and carrot juice that went down a treat. The Optimum 400 comes with three mesh screens – fine for hard veg like lemongrass and beans, coarse for soft fruit and blank for nuts and coffee – and a reassuringly lengthy ten year warranty. Keen price, great juicer.

£199 | Froothie

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